Radar Performance Monitor

The Ranatec RI 900 Radar Performance Monitor is a state-of-the-art, reliable and versatile, high precision, in-service Radar Performance Monitoring System.

An RI 900 Radar Performance Monitoring System installation includes:

  • An RF Head, fitted between the ASR transmit/receive diplexer and the antenna
  • A selection of Peak Power Sensors and Noise Sources, tailored to the actual measurement demand and integrated into the RF Head
  • A Radar Performance Monitor mainframe, hosting up to 4 plug-in units and operated from a 7’’ touchscreen – or remotely
  • A set of plug-in units, to match the selection of Power Detectors and Noise Sources


RI 900雷达性能监视器是Ranatec AB的雷达性能测试的第4代监视器。亚博体育app下载苹果版它完全向后兼容其前任RM9000,并增加了新功能和更高的性能。