Ranatec introduces dynamic new brand profile


Launches new strategy and visual profile

Gothenburg, Sweden, March 11th, 2021亚博体育app下载苹果版Ranatec,a part of theQamcom Technology ABgroup and supplier of specialized test and measurement equipment for RF and microwave applications, today announced the launch of a fresh new look and feel, and renewed brand strategy. The company’s exciting new visual identity and logo was launched on theRanatec web-siteand social media channels,LinkedInandTwitter.

The new positioning and visual identity emphasize that Ranatec is a highly responsive innovation partner with a constant aim to create progress for its clients. When customers seek absolute excellence and need a long-term partner they can trust and work closely Ranatec is the solution.

“With a rich history and roots going back nearly thirty years, Ranatec is dynamic tech company based in the heart of Gothenburg’s dynamic technology arena. We supply state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment for niche RF and microwave applications, digital signal processing and application software for global players, says Magnus Kilian, CEO, Ranatec.

亚博体育app下载苹果版Ranatec ISO9001:2015认证并提供specialist services within eight defined domains to a global customer base including the world’s leading electronics manufacturers.

“in 2020, we concluded that our branding was no longer a match for Ranatec’s identity. Together with Qamcom branding expert, Christopher Ahlström we embarked in a comprehensive process to re-evaluate Ranatec’s mission, brand promise, core values and clarifying our unique commitment to providing state-of-the-art, modern products and services to our global customer base.”

“Realizing the true potential of the Ranatec brand has been a truly invigorating and exciting process, continues Kilian. We are excited to invite our customers, partners and friends in the market to visit our new web-site,www.egedeses.comand join us in Ranatec’s journey.”

Ranatec – Invent to improve

To choose Ranatec is to choose innovation that makes you better. Ranatec is committed to constant development and improvement – together we make your products better and more competitive. Ranatec makes your ideas come true and provide new views to add more value.

About Ranatec

A part of theQamcom Group, Ranatec is progressive creator of niche test and measurement equipment for the most demanding RF and microwave applications. Together with our clients and partners, we cultivate advancement within signal management to test, measure, filter, or block signals. Based on a ccommitment to constant development and improvement, we aim to make our clients and their products better through inventive solutionsfor design verification, product certification, production testing and expert trouble shooting.

Partneringwith leading global brands, Ranatec products are created to providethe newest advancements in test design and satisfy the highest demands for performance and quality.Our global family of customers includeselectronics manufacturers and test labs细胞内基础设施、移动ph值one and radar system industries.Off-the-shelf or full customization, Ranatecoffers innovative solutions for Wireless Test Automation, RF/EMC Shielding, and Radar Testing. ISO9001:2015 certified, Ranatec is compliant with the most stringent ISO requirements. Visit us atwww.egedeses.comand follow our latest news onLinkedInandTwitter.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Media Contact, Leslie Johnsen at +47 41458043, orLeslie.johnsen@www.egedeses.com. Or, Magnus Kilian, CEO at Ranatec, at
+46 703 00 50 15, ormagnus.kilian@www.egedeses.com.

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