1. 帮助视频娱乐流动在开放的公共网络而不是通过封闭的专用网络。更多的在这里
  2. 帮助把透明和开放的广告市场在线广告。更多的在这里
  3. 帮助开发一个市场开放亚博在线娱乐官网入口电子设备和服务。更多的在这里
  4. 帮助播客和视频博客发展商业的商业模式。更多的在这里
  5. To think 亚博体育app下载苹果版 applications and services for a ubiquitous free wireless Internet. 更多的在这里
  6. To figure out how to rid my blog of comment spam and help people keep track of the conversations they contribute to on my blog. 更多的在这里
  7. 帮助开发公司和技术,降低运营商的锁在移动设备和服务。更多的在这里
  8. 帮助将RSS构建成主流媒体渠道。更多的在这里
  9. 谷歌的市场份额减少我的网页点击流和我的博客房地产。
  10. To help the Democratic party take back the Senate.



前10名的记录2005 - 1号


The next morning I went out for a bike ride.  And played the recent songs on fred’spodcast on my iPod.

At some point, Little Thoughts came on.  As the song built, I started to ride faster and faster.  By the end, I was up over 20mph and exhausted.  So I stopped and checked out my iPod.  So began my love affair with Bloc Party and this record,无声警报

The record starts out with the twang of a guitar, followed by the flutter of the base, and 亚博体育app下载苹果版 30 seconds in the drums kick in and you know right away that you are in for some hard driving rock and roll.

The Gang of Four influences in the vocals and the guitar are unmistakable.  That’s a good thing as far as I am concerned.

但这些家伙不是一些四人帮克隆乐队They are the real deal.  The drums, bass, and guitar, and vocals all seem to be front and center as if there is nothing that can get lost in the mix.

Gotham Gal和我去看他们现场直播this summer.  And they were even better live.


Happy New Year everyone.  Here’s looking to a great 2006.




2006年饲料阅读将会变得比现在更容易,尤其是如果有收养在Windows Vista的风潮它将固定在各种连接设备上,从手机到Sling Boxes到购买点显示器除了各种新信息将会发现在提要,不仅新闻和博客。

现在我们统一了一个国旗,RSS - 作为一个术语 - 实际上将开始消退当然,它永远是受欢迎的在我们中间极客然而,正如Greg Reinacker所做的那样,RSS将越来越多地成为的NewsGator相信,管道We will talk 亚博体育app下载苹果版 it the same way we from time to time lovingly espouse SMTP.

总而言之,“RSS Inside”是指2006年“Intel Inside”到1996年的情况,这就是为什么它将成为明年观看的重要趋势。

RSS has become a critcal fabric of the Internet, but it’s still only something 5-10% of the Internet population knowingly uses.  By that definition, "knowingly uses", the percentage may never change.  But RSS is going to be used by everyone on the Internet within a couple years and its going to be未来的媒体

2005年十大记录 - 第二名


中号Ward was his biggest contribution to my musical journey.  This guy blew me away the first time I heard him and he hasn’t stopped doing that ever since.

He may be known for his guitar playing, but its his voice that does it for me.  I can’t get enough of it剩下的我们的家庭也不会。

And his song writing is also wonderful.  This record,晶体管收音机, could have as easily been written by Woddie Guthrie.  It’s that good.

我会挑出一些歌曲,但说实话,这个记录是必须直接听的内容之一It’s a study in his childhood memories of listening to the radio. 

"turn the volume and get a little of hi-fi".  Absolutely.  Any time Matt.


John Battelle关于移动搜索的帖子(不是他2006预测):

今年看手机,我发誓,有些有趣的事情正在发生I saw something this week that blew my mind, but can’t write 亚博体育app下载苹果版 it for a little while.

Mobile is a platform that the current web giants don’t control.  The carriers control it today, but are going to lose that control slowly and surely over the next several years.

This is a place where someone new can come in and shake things up.  Wifi is an important piece of the puzzle (as is wimax) but so are new software and services for mobile devices.


前10名的记录2005 - 3号

Another Cliff tip, this band Hard-Fi is the next Bloc Party.  Their sound is punk (Clash) ska (Specials) with a groove (Style Council) and vocals that remind me of Mike Skinner and the Streets.  That’s some combo.

他们的首张纪录,中央电视台的明星, is so great.  The song Cash Machine might be my song of the year if I was doing that list.  "There’s a hole in my pocket, my pocket, my pocket …."

But there is so much more on this record to love.  Tied Up Too Tight, Middle Eastern Holiday, Hard To Beat, Feltham Is Singing Out, Living For The Weekend, and the list goes on an on.




博客评论或许比其他任何形式的集体智慧里面亚博在线娱乐官网入口生成的内容然而,截至今天,基本上没有办法挖掘它们Who’s going to help us here? Will it be Google, Yahoo, Technorati or Ice Rocket? Or will some great new search engine come along and change the game明年这个时候收音。



We also need a way to "subscribe" to a comment thread.  I post comments a lot on blogs.  I rarely go back to see what reaction they generate.  If, when I post a comment, I get the option to subscribe to the comment thread, via email or RSS, that would be great.

And as I have said before, we need a way to elevate the best comments right up onto the front page.  I realize that most of my posts generate comments that are way better than my posts.  I want a simple one click button that posts the comment right onto the bottom of the post.

Bottom line – blogs are conversations.  We need to start treating the comments like the important content that they are instead of an afterthought.

2005年十大记录 - 第四名

Our friend Cliff is always a source of new music ideas and this year was no different with two tips that turned into top 10 records.  The first one was Josh Rouse.  I have no idea why we’d never heard of Josh before.  His style of pop folk is right up our alley.

Cliff tipped us off at a barbeque in June and Josh was the biggest thing in our house all summer.  We must have listened to this record,纳什维尔和他的另一个记录,1972年,今年夏天的每一天。


Josh捕捉设置在他的歌曲像艺术家一样His song, Winter In The Hamptons, captures perfectly the feeling of hanging out at the beach in the cold months when the place is deserted.  And Saturday is such a wonderful love song.