尝试在Google上搜索“allen iverson email”第三个结果是这个博客的链接。

Why?  Because我曾经说过我喜欢Allen Iverson打篮球的方式, because the word “email” is high up on the front page of this blog, and because there are a ton of inbound and outbound links to this blog.  But is AVC one of the best results when you are searching for Allen Iverson’s email address?  Not likely.  But there are接近几个评论,艾弗森表明有些人认为它是。

And the same thing happens to lots of other bloggers.  Trysearching on Google or Yahoo! for “oprah backlash james frey”.  You will be directed to布拉德费尔德的博客出于类似的原因。

Why am I telling you all this?  Because as great an experience as searching the Internet is on Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft, or Ask, Internet search is still a very primitive technology.  Rarely is the first result of a search the best result for my needs, regardless of what engine I use.

I’ve been thinking a lot about search lately.  I do a lot of searching on the Internet even though I have literally hundreds of sites bookmarked and have at least fifty to a hundred sties that I visit on a regular basis and know the URL by heart.

I tend to use Yahoo! for most of my searches as I have made it the default search in Firefox.  After that I use Google.  I rarely use Microsoft or Ask.

但是上周,由于Ask.com重新启动,我在Ask上进行了一些搜索,我的标准测试搜索结果却截然不同;弗雷德威尔逊风投工会广场企业照办燃烧的嘴唇数码相机,和其他几个人询问似乎没有使用链接排名几乎像Google和Yahoo !

当你搜索“弗雷德威尔逊”或“风投” on Yahoo! or Google, this blog is the first result on both for those search terms.  I have always thought that was because those keywords appear high up on the front page of my blog (vc is in the title) and because of the large number of inbound and outbound links that this blog has accumulated in the 2 ½ years that I have been blogging.

但是当你搜索“fred Wilson”或“风投”在Ask.com上,你会得到一大堆其他的结果It’s basically what those search terms returned on Google or Yahoo! back in 2003 before I started blogging.  So that means to me that Ask.com doesn’t seem to care much about link rank.

我不知道这是好事还是坏事因为当你在寻找弗雷德威尔逊时,你想要这个博客,就像你想要的艺术家,国际象棋大师或摇滚乐队一样。When you search on “vc” on Google or Yahoo!, your first link is this blog.  Is that the best result for vc?  I doubt it.


And before we get close to perfecting text search, we are off to new horizons with audio search, video search, etc.  Will Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Ask and others continue to invest in improving text search or move their efforts to searching other forms of media?  I suppose the answer is both but clearly there is an impression among many that text search has “been done” and that impression is wrong.

I believe there is opportunity in improving text search, but few investors want to take on Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and others by backing another search 亚博体育下载app for good reasons.

But the immaturity of search was one of the many reasons I loved our investment in delicious so much.  I thought, and still do to some degree now that Yahoo! owns delicious, that searching user generated tags instead of (or more likely in addition to) some computer generated index would generate a better result.  Of course, tagging must become a much more popular behavior before we can have a tag database that can deliver high quality results for all search terms.

There is also the promise of shared searching which Yahoo! is promoting withMyWeb(why don’t they just merge delicious and MyWeb and let us choose either interface?).  David Hayden is chasing a similar vision of shared search withJeteye


I frankly think that an orthogonal attack on search via something that is seen as very different is the more intelligent way to approach this problem.  First, it’s more likely to obtain investment.  Second, most users aren’t going to start searching with a different engine unless they see the benefits first.  So you have to hook them on something where the initial value proposition is something else (tagging, social networking, looking at videos, etc).

And then there is Alexa to consider.  Amazon has supposedly opened up the Alexa search service so that others can use it.  I know of at least one 亚博体育下载app that has taken them up on that offer, although they found that the demand to use Alexa was larger than Amazon could initially support.  I haven’t checked back with that 亚博体育下载app to see how they are doing with Alexa.

What if we had an “open source” search engine that everyone working in and around the area of search could plug into?  The companies working in tagging, shared searching, audio and video search could offer their results/indexes to the open source search engine so that their meta data could be considered in preparing the best results?  Could this work? And what would the business models be for the companies supplying the meta data?  And would 亚博在线娱乐官网入口s adopt such an engine?

I am not sure, but I am sure that we are in the first or second inning of the search ballgame, and nowhere near the seventh inning stretch.  So for all those entrepreneurs who are way smarter about this stuff than I am, let me encourage you to be thinking about search as much as I am these days.  It’s still a huge opportunity.





So I decided that I wanted my blog to have that feature too.  I thought there was something I needed to do to my feed setup.  So I asked the always helpful people atFeedBurner.  They said, it’s your "favicon"你需要在Typepad设置它。

Favicon, hmm.  So I sent an email to the always helpful people at TypePad and I was pointed to这一页

So it turns out that a favicon is a file type, specifically favicon.ico, that contains the icon that is displayed in the feed or the URL.





我已经说过很多次,虽然我用几个提要阅读器,我真的不使用任何定期I use them primarily as a place to bookmark/store/database the blogs I like.  Most of the blogs I read on a regular basis are listed on the right sidebar in my blogroll.


我还发现很多博客按照评论中的链接和跟踪支持我的博客和technorati /谷歌/ icerocket追踪我的博客的链接。

我今天发现了一个新博客,评论到我的博客黄绿色(β)that I like.  It’s now on my blogroll.


我读了很多博客真。他们中的大多数吸,(像这样的。)我真正想做的是发现新的博客发现新的声音这就是清凉的博客寻找某人新的东西要说很难做,因为人们不添加新的链接或者他们填补它与人每个人都已经知道。这糟透了。A列表实际上不是一个冷却人的列表这是一个忽略列表人们会链接到他们你知道一个心中很糟糕时他不包括链接 对任何人没有blogroll是一种傲慢。你真的认为我们认为你不读过其他人吗?就像我们常规的人一样,给你读过的人一点爱。和一个月改变一次

I agree with most of this, except that my blogroll is a list of the blogs I read most.  If someone has stayed on there for the past 2 1/2 years (like Seth Godin), then it means I still read them as much as I did back then我认为他们应该坚持下去。


我们最近一直在思考Web服务和设备之间的关系,我今天早些时候在Union Square Ventures博客上发布了一些这些想法。





在任何人开始指责我盗窃之前,让我这样说我很乐意通过PayPal发送The Lips或他们的记录亚博体育下载应用20美元,以获得听取此记录的权利I would have done it the minute I found the record on the net and I’d do it right now.  When this record is finally "released" in early April, I will purchase it on Amazon.

But how silly is that?  What does "release" mean in this day and age of bits?  It’s been released.  I want to pay now, not a month from now.  If the record is done, its done把整个事情它会离开。

好的,记录在案这是奇妙的与所有Flaming Lips记录一样,它需要一些倾听但我正在接近十个倾听并喜欢它。


我最喜欢的歌曲是The Sound of Failure,它超越了我,但两者都是7分钟,对于本周的MP3来说太长了。




Happy Birthday FeedBurner






PersonalDNA - 一种很酷的新Web服务

你有没有参加过“幻相" personality study?  It’s enlightening for sure, but takes a long time to complete and isn’t very interactive.  I’d love to have the ability to look at someone’s personality profile before hiring them, but I have never had the desire to force someone to take a test as a condition of being considered for a job.  And these tests don’t have the ability to be "360’d" by having a bunch of peers complete them on you as well.

进入网络,特别是web 2.0,PersonalDNA

PersonalDNAis a web service that does a sophisticated and rigorous personality profile in about 15-20 minutes (I know because I just took one).  It makes use of lots of cool ajaxy things like sliders and buckets.

At the end you get a result which you can publish. 这是我的,我增加了我的博客的右上方,就在我的咒语。





Imagine if every linked in page had a personalDNA report on it, if every resume had one, if every blog had one?  This could be very interesting if it goes viral.


我有张贴了关于j曲线before.  This is the curve of value creation over time that is typical in the venture and private equity businesses.

尼克在Carried Interest有一个好的文章“j曲线”today and I scraped this cool chart from his blog (he scraped it from Calpers).  Give it a read if you are interested in the private equity and venture business.

尼克是一个私人股本的家伙在澳大利亚和写道a damn good blog

Bob Lefsetz - 请加入博客!

我的一个朋友在音乐业务拒绝了我Bob Lefsetz的电子邮件时事通讯




why is Blockbuster on the verge of disaster?  Why are people BUYING so

many DVDs when they can rent them so cheaply?  America has an ownership

culture.  Sure, in the future there might be a migration to service, but
not TODAY! 

Let’s see how you sell this.  For fifteen bucks a month you can have
access to ALL the music.  Well, not the Beatles or Led Zeppelin.  And
lose IT ALL!  Shit, sounds more like radio than conventional music

been unable to do this?  I mean maybe if Google moved into the sphere I
might be impressed.  Then again, Google Video is a disaster, and rather
its efforts "beta", so you’ll forgive them.  That’s what we need, a BETA


But the fucked up labels can’t agree on a price.  Even though you can
buy a CD and rip it FOR FREE!  Paying NOTHING extra for the files.

Oh yeah, copy protection will foil that.  And destroy your business,
just ask kicked upstairs Andy Lack.  And then there’s the ridiculous
position of the RIAA that ripping is illegal.  What’s next, is the RIAA
gonna post a cop in every kid’s basement?  THIS is a strategy that’s
gonna win.  Actually, after seven years, hasn’t the RIAA realized a

我不同意Bob对亚马逊所说的一切(阅读我的帖子 -为亚马逊生根——我的思想),但你不得不承认他有意见,他让你知道它是什么。


Have you been following this youtube thing?  With NBC requesting the
site pull all its videos?  How fucking stupid can you BE!

"Lazy Sunday".  That’s what seems to be breaking SNL wide open after
years of dormancy.  It’s just like a band.  You’re living in obscurity,
and then the Net catches hold of you and you BLOW UP!  Can you say
ARCTIC MONKEYS?  If you’ve got something good, you can’t keep it down on
the Net.  It’s human nature, people want to tell EVERYBODY!

shooting themselves in the foot.  This is the kind of hype, the kind of

Take KT Tunstall.  Fucking idiots at Virgin want you to PAY for her
video on iTunes!  What schmendrick wants to pay for a video he probably
hasn’t seen to BEGIN WITH!  But, saunter over to youtube, and you can
THIS is the kind of publicity you desire.  If you’re BUILDING an act.

Funny how it never occurred to me.  But it’s perfect.  Instead of JANIE


讨厌告诉你,但是“Janie's Got A Gun”正在逼近二十年
old.  There are kids who’ve NEVER heard it.  Oh, Aerosmith is a
perennial, but even MTV no longer plays their videos.  Their albums
don’t sell, they’ve become a NOSTALGIA ACT!  And now, some enterprising
Web denizen has BROUGHT THEM BACK FROM THE DEAD!  Giving "Janie’s Got A
Gun" MORE airplay than it’s gotten in YEARS!  And, hear the parody and
you want to hear the original.  And, ultimately you believe in the act.


All of this is anathema to rights-holders.  They must protect their
rights at all costs.  To their detriment.  This is promotion in the
twenty first century.  This is FREE MARKETING!


So if Bob Lefsetz is so savvy about music and online marketing, why is he publishing via a 1990’s technology, the email newsletter?  Why doesn’t he have a blog?  It would be so much easier just to link to his posts than to cut and paste the whole thing.