1 -通信(两种方法)是健康的企业家/ VC关系的标志The more communication, the better the relationship.  It should not be all one way.  The VC should initiate the contact as much as the entrepreneur.

2 – Formal communication is overrated.  Weekly status reports that go out to the entire board are often not read, particularly if they are delivered in an attachment like a pdf or a spreadsheet.  I much prefer the ad hoc phone call or email.  The closer it gets to a conversation the better it is.

3 – It’s hard to have a "conversational" relationship with a bunch of people at the same time.  I am on several boards where we have that.  Particularly via email.  When the CEO can send out an informal email and copy his entire board and possibly a couple senior managers and the group can have an email discussion, that’s a really good thing.

4 -如果你要做一个每周状态报告,我建议让它短暂而甜蜜的通过电子邮件没有附件Just the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in five paragraphs or less.  Don’t spend hours editing it.  Just put down your thoughts and hit send.

5 – You need to change your communication techniques with your board and investors as your 亚博体育下载app grows.  Maybe it does make sense to send a weekly email when you have ten or fifteen employees but doing that when you have 200 seems nutty to me, unless the 亚博体育下载app is in a significant crisis mode.

6 – The entrepreneur should determine the mode of communication and should not have something mandated to him or her.  Suggestions on how to improve it are fine, but requests for reams and reams of information and analytics are not.

There is no one good way to manage communication between an entrepreneur and the Board and investors.  Each entrepreneur needs to find a method that suits them bestEfficiency is key.  But it has to be effective.  And it should be frequent.